Calendar, three weeks late

I finished setting up my calendar for the year.

It is a very involved process.

But less involved this year as I do not need to keep up with call shifts.

I love a good calendar.

Yes, yes, I’m three weeks tardy setting it up.

No, I do not have any excuses.

As I like to be organized.

And the spaces in a calendar are not big enough for everything I do.

I jerry rig my own calendar.

And it fits all the various portions of my life.

Work meetings.

Call shifts.






I want a calendar that has sections for each.

I make my own using monthly sheets.

5 each, one for each section.

And an ARC notebook from Staples.

They are my favorite notebook set of all time.

Now I just have to fill in all the different squares that I’ve got.

And plan the rest of it.

Nothing like 3 weeks into a new year to be behind.

But I’m doing it now and that is what matters.

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