Cookie Thursday 1/20/22- Luck of the Morning Bailey’s Irish Cream cookies

Booze month continues.

This week I wanted to do a Bailey’s Irish Cream cookie because I’ve always heard of Bailey’s and Coffee.

I don’t drink coffee.

And I don’t drink alcohol.

I decided to try both in a cookie.

Unsurprisingly there is instant coffee in the recipe.

I happen to have instant coffee in my pantry.

And Bailey’s Irish Cream in the bar.

I wanted to maximize the number of cookies in this batch.

Because I wanted to stretch the cookies out to be enough for 2 departments.

A single batch of dough netted me 5 cookie sheets of 16-20 cookies each.

You want to know the secret?

The smallest cookie scoop I have.

The lion’s share of the cookies will go the OR.

And the remaining 12 will go to administration.

Why administration as the second department recipient of Cookie Thursday is a Thing?

Because it never hurts to butter up the bosses.

And I believe that they’ve had their challenges during the pandemic.

I can imagine keeping a hospital afloat during the worst health crisis in our lives is hard.

Kind of like steering a ship through turbulent waters during a hurricane.

I know that many people have beef with any hospital leadership.

Even ours.

Are they perfect?


Do they deserve a treat?


Don’t forget they have administrative staff that works just as hard as they do.

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