Cookie Thursday 1/13/2022-shaken not stirred vodka cookies

Booze month continues.

I wanted to do a martini inspired cookie.

As if you couldn’t tell that from the name of the cookie.

I was looking to do a vodka and olive cookie.

And then I watched the Casino Royale scene again.

Where James Bond comes up with the now famous martini recipe on the fly.

With lemon peel as the garnish.

He asks for gin and vodka but I was determined to make this a vodka cookie.

As always Cookie Thursday is a Thing recipes have to be adaptable to what I have in stock in the house.

And this month, in the bar.

The olive cookies will have to wait for the charcuterie month I’m thinking about.

But this cookie is very delicate.

Kind of like the state of healthcare right now.

But it has a glaze.

I hate doing glaze but I did it.

What I did differently is put the glaze on the hot cookies as they came out of the oven.

Maybe this will work better.

That’s the thing in healthcare.

It is ever changing.

And ever evolving.

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