yay, nursing?

This morning the ANA released that for the 20th year in a row, nursing was the most trusted profession in the US.

Really, now.

I mean, yay nurses.

From where I work I see many, many people who trust nurses.

Who follow our guidance.

Who follow our counseling.

Who follow our advice.

(yes, I know that all three of these points are the same, similar but not the same)

And there is a small sub-sect of the public who do not.

Who have decided that they know best.

after 30 minutes on the internet and an echo chamber.

And that sub-section is LOUD

And takes up all attention and oxygen in the room.

Who cry foul when they, in fact, find out that actions have consequences.

Who think that we, the healthcare community, must rush in and fix it all.

Fix everything they’ve been down-playing, and denying, and arguing against.

And make them live.

And when they are better do they learn?


They go back to their science denying ways.

And refuse to do something that would protect everyone.

Because they don’t want to.

Do they not hear themselves acting like spoiled brats?

But let us celebrate nurses and nursing for this achievement.

Wouldn’t it be nice if others took it to heart?

Find a nurse and hug them, they need it.

Find a healthcare worker, not just a nurse, and thank them.

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