Riddle me this- take a workaholic and give her lots of time-what happens?

Update on my working only call hours journey.

Last time I talked about how I felt I was getting away with something.

I still do.

When I talked to the career coach in September she wanted me to flesh out my LinkedIn account.

I gave myself until the first of January to update it.

And I have.

Do I still know what I am doing on it?


Should I follow the CNO for the hospital?

And it says on my front page that I am willing to do writing work?

Will that lead to uncomfortable questions?



But apparently someone can offer up their services for hire.

Which I have.

I think.

I am willing to write for someone else.

Technical writing.

Copy editing.



Do I know what I am doing?

Also no.

But I am willing to learn.

This was the plan to fill the now 40 hours I have free to me.

I hope I am doing this right.

I hope that it is a good trade off.

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