Monday Musings 1/10/22- I wonder if they are using the same wind we are using

This is a quote from the Princess Bride.

Of course.

It is said by Inigo Montoya.

The sword for hire who just wants to avenge his father.

Against the 6 finger man.

But you should already know that.

When we moved to North Carolina the amount of people who had never seen the Princess Bride was staggering.

Especially since it takes up so much of my brain.

Even now, I can’t not stop on the movie if it is being shown on television.

And, as I don’t watch television, that is quite the feat.

But yes, everyone else is using the same wind you are using.

Everyone else is breathing the same air that you are.

Everyone else is being exposed to you when you or they don’t wear a mask.

I showed my husband today’s data point for our state in the state dashboard.

It’s going straight up.

That refers to the number of daily cases.

Straight up.

He would like to point out that the data lags by three days.


Up is up.

Rodents of Unusual Size?

I don’t think they really exist.

Is what Westley said right before being mauled by an ROUS.

I don’t think it really exists.

Says every non-vaccinated person in the world.

Just STFU already.

I’m sick of watching the death count mount.

A lot.


We are nearly at 850,000 American dead.

And the Dread Pirate Robert’s says “masks are terribly comfortable, and I think that everyone will be wearing them in the future.”

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