850,000 American dead

Sometime today.

Somewhere in America.

Someone takes their last breath.

This last breath may take many forms.

It may be an artificial breath.

Forced on them by a machine.

It may be after the machines have been turned off.

It may be alone.

It may be in critical care.

It may be outside of the hospital.

But someone doesn’t know that it will be their last breath.

But someone else will know.

Someone else knows that this person.

This person that may be precious to them.

Is dead.

And all of their shared tomorrows are gone.

And when the Supreme Court of the United States voted against the vaccine mandate for companies with more that 100 employees I shouted at the radio.

Cowards I called them.

Damning all those who voted against a vaccine mandate for companies with more than 100 employees.

Because the economy.

People might quit.

Studies have shown that this is not what happens after a vaccine mandate that is company wide.

Now every single company has to mandate it on their own.

I 100% do not see this happening.

We are never getting out of this.

And somebody will have to tell all those whose loved ones have taken their last breath that they don’t matter.

That the government can’t protect them.

Because people are not willing to roll up their sleeves.

And endure a little bit of pain.

To save a lot of people.

And that is the saddest conversation I can think of.

Your loved one.

Your Sally.

Your Johnny.

Your son.

Your daughter.

Your mother.

Your father.

Died because the people of the United States didn’t care enough.

But healthcare workers like myself, and my mother, and my coworkers, will be there to witness that the last breath has come.

That the heart has stopped.

And they are just another number in the overall count of the dead.

When they had been somebody precious.

To someone.

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