Does everyone you know have covid?

I know people with covid.

I take care of people who might have covid.

The operating room has had patients in the last week who were positive for covid.

The hospital, while not as full as last winter, has a lot of covid.

This is a January covid update.

I am still not going to places during the middle of the day if I can help it.

I go early in the morning.

Or later at night.

My husband’s office closed for this week only.

They promised.

oops, they are closed for next week too.

I’ve had to cancel our hospital shared governance coordinating council because of the same reason I will be cancelling the symposium.

I have to cancel another symposium because I am afraid of not having any attendees.

Because they are working in the hospitals.

Better luck next summer.

Now people are testing positive on airplanes.

Or when they get to their destination.

And I fear for the AORN conference that is to be in New Orleans in March.

Canceled for the third year?

We’ll see.

Masks work.

Vaccines work.

Handwashing works.

Social distancing works.

I can not stress this enough.

I also cannot stress enough that we could be so much further along in this pandemic.

We could be approaching endemic status.

Life could be approaching somewhat normal.

But no.

2 thoughts on “Does everyone you know have covid?

  1. I had dinner with a friend who is a pathology lab tech. She cuts & stains slides for the docs to review. She asked if I knew a reputable source for Ivermectin. 😲 I told her no I don’t and I didn’t offer to find one for her. OMG! I expect better from folks with a scientific education & experience but I am wrong this time. I’ll eventually tell her the medicine is useless against a virus 🦠 but I won’t fight her about it. Arguing doesn’t convince anti-vaxxers.


    1. I know. It is so frustrating. Do you ever feel like the boy at the dam that has his finger in the dam, plugging the hole? I think it is an apt metaphor for medical people and holding the pressure of people who don’t get it before it washes everyone away.


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