Cookie Thursday 1/6/22- Any Port in a Storm

Happy 1st Cookie Thursday is a Thing of 2022.

The theme for this year, again, will be booze.

Because 2021 was only slightly better then 2020.

And Cookie Thursday is a Thing is turning 7 years old.

That’s a lot of cookies.

Cookie Thursday was started as a moral booster for the department.

And because I had a shiny new kitchen.

And someone once told me that they had never had a homemade cookie.

That cannot stand.

A small group of us started making cookies, weekly.

This became Cookie Thursday is a Thing, because it is not yet Friday and we are sad.

This was my idea and is my baby.

And I am the chief baker.

Others take over when I am on vacation.

But mostly it’s me.

For SEVEN years.


I bake cookies according to the month’s theme.

That I also come up with.

Staff, including surgeons, stop me early in the week to inquire what will be that week’s cookie.

2021 was hard on everyone, it especially on healthcare workers.

The theme of January 2021, after that horribly scary 2020, was booze.

For a household that doesn’t drink there is an awful lot of liquor around.

I decided January 2022 was also going to be a booze theme.

And I also decided to extend the cookies to other departments.

Today’s cookie is made with Port as the alcohol.

An entirely new cookie, recipe by me.

I’ve made enough cookies to make up a recipe.

I will be calling this cookie Any Port in Storm

This is why my baking pantry is full to the bursting.

This is why I have 10 different kinds of chips.

This is why I buy flour, butter, and sugar in bulk.

There is a way to make this frugal as well.

The alcohol used this year will come from our disused liquor cabinet.

I buy my ingredients in bulk.

I have several different sizes of cookie scoops.

I make one batch and it feeds the department, usually around 60 cookies.

Here’s to another year of cookie baking.

Even in this strange time and place.

The baking must go on!

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