And just like that- introvert interruptus

I am an introvert.

This is one of the reasons that I thrive in the operating room.

Limited people in the room.

Patient is asleep.

I’m not very good in big groups of people.

But little groups are okay.

One on one is even better.

In my new call job, I have a surgical tech that will be my partner in crime.

And I know she is an introvert.

The CRNA and anesthesiologist will change daily.

But I’m okay with most of them.

Except the one who told me I was throwing away my vote when I didn’t vote the way this MD wanted.

And then didn’t speak to me for four years when it turned out badly.

Not them.

Thankfully I hardly ever see them.

I am okay with a limited team in the OR at night.

And I was enjoying my alone time in the house while my husband was in the office.

And then they closed the office.

Only for one week.

There’s a new surge, you know.

Let us clean the office and we’ll get all the vaccinated people back in the office next week.

Next week has come and gone and he is still working from home.

What that tells me is that someone who is vaccinated, because everyone who has returned to the office is, got covid.

I get mildly reprimanded for noise when I am in our home office with him.

Now I write in the dining room on my laptop.

But in typical introvert fashion I want to throw a tantrum.

But frankly, I don’t know how.

And, yes, the title is borrowed, a little, from the Sex and the City limited series.

No, I’ve never watched it.

No, I’m not watching it now.

But it fit.

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