Hope for 2022

According to several geek type movies in recent years, hope means different things.

In Justice League, Superman explains to Lois Lane that the stylized S on his breastplate stands for a Kryptonian word that means hope.

And we all know that Superman is from Krypton.

And in Rogue One, Jyn Erso states that rebellions are built on hope.

And everyone knows that the group standing up to the Evil Empire is the Rebel Alliance.

I mean, the name of Star Wars Episode III is a New Hope.

And in the vein of dispatches, which are communiques from the front line, and the name of this blog, there is a podcast called Hope from the Front Lines.

About caregivers of color and their stories of struggles, and strength.

I am so tired of the word resilience.

Yeah, yeah, there is a lot of resilience going around in healthcare.

We have little choice.

Instead of resilience, which is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties, according to the dictionary, I want to have hope.

Hope that this pandemic will end with a whimper.

Hope that those who are resistant to the vaccines, for whatever reasons floats their boat, fear, oppositional defiance, whatever, will embrace the vaccines as the way out.

Hope that 2022 will not be as bad as 2021.

We have no choice.

My personal mantra is the only way out is through.

Let’s get started.

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