Post-it 1/2/22- Trigger phrases

The post-it reads ‘that phrase that makes you incandescent with rage.’

This is a phrase that is used sometimes as a catch all phrase that means don’t hurt me, I’m just relaying a message.

Yeah, and your message is crap.

This is a mealy mouthed expression that means nothing.

One of my least favorite trigger phrases is just making sure.

Usually said with a hand up or a shrug.

No, no you are not.

You are ensuring my continuing obedience to whatever crack pot idea you have.

That is the phrase you use when nothing else comes to mind.

When you know very well that there that the job has been done.

And done well.

But you need to make sure (air quotes).

Because you are controlling like that.

Nails on a chalkboard.

If I could I would consign the phrase to Mount Doom.

With the One Ring.

And if you don’t get that reference I weep.

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