Final Cookie Thursday is a Thing of 2021- Chex mix redux 12/30/21

This is the final Cookie Thursday is a Thing for 2021.

I had a poll on the board in the break room.

And people chose Chex mix over cheddar triple pepper thumbprints.


It has been quite the year.

I made cookies for nearly every week.

Except for the week I was in CA.

Or one week I was on vacation.

Cookie Thursday is a Thing turns 7 next week.

I think, time is fluid.

I mean I just got married a couple of years ago.

Just kidding, it’s been 23 years.


Seven years of nearly weekly cookies.


In the next year I will be expanding the Cookie Thursday is a Thing as a morale booster to other departments in the hospital.

Why and how?

Because I have 40+ hours to fill a week.

And after 7 years I think the department can share.

I think I will choose the emergency room as the first recipient of a Cookie Thursday is a Thing batch.

Since the beginning this was an afternoon/evening shift endeavor.

And so it will remain.

I hope to deliver the cookies by 1400 on Thursdays.

I probably should tell the managers what I am doing.

The theme months will continue.

And I began 2021 with a booze cookie month.

And since 2021 has been so awful I will begin 2022 the same way.

Hopefully a reset.

Because, according to my coworkers who are confused by the fact I don’t drink, booze makes it better.

And there are still so many alcohols to explore.

I want to do a rose wine cookie.

I hear the millenials loves rose.

I want to do a vodka cookie.

This one’s plan is secret.

I want to do a port cookie.

I should check the bar.

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