Cookie Thursday 12/16- cranberry meringues

Is there anything prettier than a red and white meringue cookie?

Well, I made them this morning and they are very pretty.

The theme for the month is holiday.

And I will be adding these to my holiday rotation.

And maybe exploring other flavorings.

ooh, I wonder if I can do a jalapeno meringue.

I’m kidding.


I’d never made meringues before.

Not even sure why.

Apparently they are very easy to make.

And they are.

Have you ever been faced with an unfamiliar task and you’ve put it off and put it off and put it off and then you do it and it was one of the easiest tasks you’ve ever done?

The task had grown in complexity in your head until it consumed your waking thoughts and filled you with dread?

Those are meringues for me.

I had heard they were easy.

I was just afraid of having a sticky batch.

Will they turn out sticky because it’s too humid?

Will they turn out flat?

Will the swirl be pretty?

No, no and yes.

Not sticky at all, only as flat as I made them, and the swirl is very pretty.

What else can I meringue?

Once I have overcome this task that has been on my head all week long and I was dreading it and it wasn’t even that bad, what else can I accomplish from my to-do list?

I think we give ourselves mind blocks.

We are our own worst enemy, after all.

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