The Universe has been made aware of the shift change and she is not amused

Medical people are, for the most part, superstitious.

We believe in Murphy.

We believe in the power of full moons.

We believe in the rule of 3.

3 lap appys.

3 fractured hips.

3 call outs.

If there were cracks in the OR floor you know that people would be skipping OVER them.

So as not to break their mother’s backs.

Above all, we believe in the chaos inherent in the word quiet.

Rhymes with riot, after all.

There has been a black cloud over my call hours for a long time.

Ask anyone I work with.

Black cloud is real.

Black cloud can be compounded by the rest of the team.

I grew up in California, after all.

I believe in the power of the universe.

And the capriciousness of that power.

To me that means that the universe has a personality.

And a thirst for vengeance if changes are made.

My evening tech and I joked for years that the weeks before and after a holiday are always bat shit crazy.

And God forbid one of us goes on vacation.

Well, the universe is well aware that there has been a shift change for me.

And she is not happy.

Four shifts into my schedule I worked all 10 of my hours.

And Monday was only slightly better with an awake intubation.

Those are always shit shows.

With all things around the universe, it’ll settle down.


When the point has been made.

In the before times, I would have worked an 8 hour shift and THEN 8 hours called back.

So I’m ahead, right?

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