GRE why?

Why is that still a thing?

Colleges are dumping the SAT and ACT, what about the GRE?

I wasn’t going to take the GRE as some schools do not require it.

However, one of the schools I am very interested in does.

I sat the GRE on Friday afternoon.

The email that I was sent to remind me of my appointment.

That I paid money for.

At a testing center.

Told me to expect 5 hours.

Yeah, no.

And also the testing company sent me an email.

Today at 1100.

About the math portion.

Breaking it down.

In bite sized pieces.

The only problem is I had to leave the house to get to the testing center by 1415.


One of the hardest tests I’ve done.

Probably because it has been over 25 years since my last Geometry class.

And I swear there is new math in the test as well.

And I am unused to reading a paragraph or two that I need to parse and answer questions for on a computer screen.

I know first world problems.

Picture it.

A room with 6 computers, and 4 people before I got there.

Social distancing much?


However, the waiver I signed asked if I had been exposed to people with active Covid infections.

I work in a hospital.

I presume I am exposed all the time.

Especially since we don’t test the patients from the ER.

The waiver, though.

Stated that healthcare professionals could ignore that part of the waiver.

Because, you know, we are exposed constantly.

Especially those of us who work in a hospital.

Back to the test.

The person on my immediate left.

Less than 3 feet away.

Was doing a different test.

An open book test.

He dropped the book at least twice.

During my essay portion of the test.

And jarred me from my thought process.


The overall test did not take me 5 hours.

It took me three and a bit.

In the last segment my lower legs ached.

Probably because of the horribly hard chair.

This also distracted me.

Pro tip- when the test gives you a 60 second break between sections, stand up.

Get the blood moving.

I’ll be able to access my results within 14 days.

We’ll see how I did or didn’t do.

At least that is done.

I will see if my brain will let me not do well.

Often I sabotage myself and re-do tests.

A little frustration was the testing center was not well marked.

When I looked up the testing center in the directory on the wall, there was no details of what floor the center was on.

That was disappointed.

But, hey, it was in the same building as the NPR station I listen to.

That was fun.

I didn’t see anybody I recognized from promos though.

On to the next part- more applications.

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