Post-it 12/5/21-A month in a finger snap

The post-it reads ‘a month in a finger snap’.

This has literally been the fastest month of my life.

In my head I am still in San Francisco.

And poof.

It is December

And the 4 week notice I had to give my current job at my current hospital has expired.

And I start my new job at my current hospital.

Technically today.

But I am on vacation.

I am supposed to be in London.


But we demurred when the cases started to go back up in the UK in September.

Immediately before we bought our tickets.

Back to the flying month.

I had a lot I wanted to accomplish this month.

I wanted to set up the schedule so if they took it away from me it could be done on auto-pilot.

Nope, cases got in the way.

I wanted to flesh out the Call Preserver book so that people who have not taken call in a very long time could do so.


I wanted to work as much extra call that I could before the hammer came down and I was no longer going to be taking extra call.

I have had 2 nights in the past 6.


I wanted to have an idea of what I was going to be doing with all my new found time now that I was no longer working 1430-2300 and solely taking call.

I have some ideas?

I don’t know.

On vacation I was going to start some of the projects that I’ve been neglecting during covid.

I have cleaned our closet.

And did leaf eradication in the front yard.

yay, me.

I have three days left of vacation.

I start my new life on 12/8/21.

And, rightly so, I am terrified.

I can do this, right?

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