When the president of the hospital knows your name

The president of the hospital knows who I am.

We worked together at my previous local hospital.

He’s been president of this hospital for several years.

We’ve worked on different projects together.

Most recently the use of the enneagram to foster communication.

Like, real recently.

This is a project we’ve been working on for the 2 years.

And it keeps getting sidelined by the pandemic.

But that is another issue.

Yesterday we had the quarterly awards ceremony at the hospital.

Shared Governance hosts them.

And, after dodging it for years, OR is the keeper of the nominations.

That’s a lot a work in itself.

But not what I’m talking about today.

The president of the hospital was at the ceremony.

As the Chief Nursing Officer couldn’t make it.

And we were making small talk like you do.

When he asked me point blank about my new job.

On some level it makes sense.

The approval had to start somewhere.

He said it was going to be good to have someone strong on the call shift.

And then he referenced a problem with one of the call shifts when I was in San Francisco.

Um, what?

And then he said the call shift would relieve the staff.

Not as if they would not be taking call.

But that it would be a burden off their shoulders.

And something about how it could be expensive for the department.

Or less money out for the department because they no longer had to pay out call back.

I don’t know.

The entire winding story to point out that the president knows about the call position.

And that I took it.


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