Cookie Thursday 12/2/21. Latke cookies- Happy Hanukkah

This was such a fail.

I am embarrassed for this recipe.

I had such high hopes.

I could have made traditional latkes.

Savory is a precedent.

But I was wowed by a cookie recipe I found.

Y’all know that Cookie Thursday is a Thing is all about experimentation.

This is an experiment I will not redo.

I finished baking the batch and realize they were horrible.

Potato chips, butter, sweetened condensed milk, and an egg.

I thought it would be something caramelly.

But no.

It was horrid.

I binned the entire batch.

Straight into the trash bag.

And the Pinterest pin that gave me the idea.

Straight to the Pin Fail board.

I have standards.

Even around cookies.

This is the first time all year I’ve had to buy cookies for Cookie Thursday.

Next week there will be homemade cookies.

1 batch for the OR.

1 batch for the ER.

I am expanding Cookie Thursday to other departments.

Because other departments could use the morale lift too.

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