Omicron, aka, omigod I can’t believe this is still a thing


Omigod I can’t believe this is still a thing.

And people are wringing their hands and bleating why, oh why?

You know why, you dumb bitches and assholes?

Because you won’t take two seconds out of your day to put on a mask.

Or wash your hands.

Or stay 6 feet apart from strangers.

Take a shot that has been proven to be effective against this very real threat.

Because YOUR rights supersede everyone else’s rights.

Or you don’t believe in “science”.

Or the “greater good”.

I am disgusted by the lot of us.

Many of us do believe in science.

And being put out a bit to help our neighbors.

Whoever, whatever those neighbors are.

So spare me the sputtering.

And the crocodile tears.

And the he said and she said.

I believe in science!

I believe we could have ended this a good bit ago.

The sputtering of ‘fer liberty’!

Yeah, right, for a good kick in the pants.

For you are skipping merrily down the road to non-existence.

And dragging all the rest of us with you.

In order to “own” the science believing dweebs.

Yeah, I don’t even know what that means.

I’ve tried to be nice.

I’ve tried to be understanding.

I’ve tried to listen to your blathering.

But I’ve had it.

So what if you have covid last year.

This is a different covid now.

This covid has taken off the gloves and is no longer playing nice.

As if it ever was.

So what if you had covid last year and all you had was fatigue and a sore throat.

It really wasn’t that bad, like a bad flu.

That’s nice, dear.

5.19 million worldwide had covid and now they are dead.


Omigod I can’t believe we are still having the same arguments as over a year ago.

Put on a mask.

Wash your hands.

Take the damned vaccine.

And, maybe, just maybe, no other variants will pop up.

That is a pipe dream, but it is worth a shot.

Because I’m tired of this.

Aren’t you?

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