Post-it 11/28/21-Unreliable memory

The post-it reads ‘I get you out early, when you ask, 9/10 times, why do you only remember the 1?’

This is in reference to the 1 time that I got someone out 10 minutes past their time to go home and they complained to management.

No mention was made of the previous 9 times I had gotten them out early.

Nope, they just remember the 1 time that I didn’t

No yays were given on the 9 times.

Just a trail of dust where someone had been.

As they got out of there before I could change my mind.

Only a boo given on the 1 time.

It is enough to crash my head against a wall.

Apparently this is hard-wired into our primal memory.

A disappointing memory really sticks in the mind.

Because to our distant past selves recalling the illness we had after eating the purple fruit is kept top of mind to remind us not to eat anymore purple fruit.

It is a survival mechanism.

Because humans are dumb.

It is easier to link to something unpleasant, because sometimes avoiding the unpleasant stuff can save your life.

It just is hard on charge position holders.

Especially when they complain that you got them out 10 minutes late.

Sometimes MDs are slow to close or run into an unforeseen incident during surgery.

Which makes surgery time longer.

It is not the charge nurse ‘forgetting’ to get you out.

That happens very, very, very rarely.

But you wouldn’t know about it, judging by the number of complaints that are raised.

Give the people in charge a break, especially if this is not usual.

This just means that something outside of their control happened.

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