Let’s start F.A.F.O. as a thing

I have a new favorite phrase.

Fuck Around, Find Out.

This should absolutely be an acronym that is started.

I use it nearly every day.

It can be used to explain consequences of actions.

Doesn’t matter what the consequences are.

Mostly bad.

Or unintended.

Doesn’t matter what the actions are.

Usually something that people feel powerless about.

Use it and let people feel confused when there are consequences to their actions.

And people have follow through reacting to the consequences.


It just rolls off the tongue.

And is something that I am feeling a lot lately.

Healthcare workers have a LOT of options these days.

An option was dangled in front of me.

I was unhappy.

And I took it.

Could it be a good option?

Time will tell.

Could it be a bad option?

Time will also tell.

Are there things that I can do if it turns out to be a bad option?


Healthcare workers are exercising their options now.

But for now I am sad that I am leaving my shift and my current position.

And my coworkers.

It is my last evening charge shift.

And then a tectonic change.

Both for me and for the department.

We’ll see how it goes.

I’m excited.

Whatever happens, Cookie Thursday is a Thing will continue in my department.

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