Boot to the head

There is a song by the Canadian group the Fanatics.

That was on one of Doctor Demento’s albums.

And on his radio show in the 1980s.

It is called Ti Kwan Leep.

It is a comedy song.

And I would have put money down that it was John Belushi playing Ed Gruberman.

The song is about learning patience in the context of martial arts class.

That teaches the Ti Kwan Leep.

It is a technique using patience as a tenet of the martial art.

That the brutish bully must develop patience in learning.

And how impatience is a tool for your opponent.

Because anger is a tool for your opponent.

And anger comes from impatience.

There are so many ways that this song is part of my foundation for teaching and for learning and for waiting in line.

You have to have patience dealing with patients.


I crack myself up.

You have to have patience in dealing with coworkers.

With surgeons.

With administration.

With families.

With every aspect of the OR.

And life, really.

I have had many people apologize for the wait when I am waiting in line, waiting for my order, or simply waiting.

I always reassure them that I am a nurse and that I am patient.

Because I am.

And being patient is a very, very valuable and underrated foundation skill.

Now, the Doctor Demento’s comic albums are also an underpinning for my life.

But that is a story for another time.

But some people do need to learn patience.

Or have a boot to the head.

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