Cookie Thursday 11/18/21 cinnamon cookies

I had announced my intention to make cinnamon cookies in the beginning of the week.

And so I did.

But I thought I had bought this cinnamon bun jam type thing.

To use especially in cookies.


Not in the baking pantry.

Not in the regular pantry.

Not in the fridge.

I had to go to plan b.

And use cinnamon syrup.

Because sometimes a plan has to change.

For various reasons.

I also changed the recipe.

Because it was supposed to make a skillet cookie.

Not enough cookies can be cut out of a large skillet cookie.

I tweaked the recipe by adding more flour and more cinnamon than it called fo.

Because OR nurses have to be flexible.

And not married to the plan above all else.

Because plans, like recipes, are subject to change.

Or is that deals on the internet?

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