December, is that you?

Traditionally here in the South the OR case volume skyrockets in December.

You have to have surgery when you’ve reached your insurance deductible, you know.

The case volume in my hospital has been spotty.

Some days busy.

Some days not.

Not OB.

They are always busy.

There usually is an ever increasing incline of cases.

And later and later cases into the evenings.

The incline this year has been weird.

But today it is finally acting like it is the end of the year.

There were 36 cases.

Most in a day in over a year.

I went in to act as laser nurse at 0730-1030.

And then I went home to nap.

Because I’ve been at the hospital every day this week until 0300 on Monday and 0200 on Tuesday.

Shh, don’t tell Thursday.

I am tired and my feet hurt.

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