Screwed my courage to the sticking place

According to two of three schools I am interested in for my doctorate I need to have letters of recommendation.

Not just normal letters of recommendation.


They have to be from another PhD nurse.

I know only 2.

And those 2 work for the same organization I do.

Asking them was easy.

I offered a series of conversations so that they could be comfortable writing me a letter.

But the third!

Oh, the third.

I was stymied.

I only know the 2 PhD nurses.

I know loads of doctors, surgeons and otherwise.

But a PhD nurse?

That was going to be a hard one.

As I had done when I was in high school and needed an Air Force officer active or former to interview for the scholarship I was applying for, I reached out to someone I know tangentially.

We’ve had conversations when I volunteered for the company.

We’ve had conversations when we met up at conferences.

I took a deep breath.

And reached out via the credentialing company site.

Did I mention this third PhD nurse was the CEO of the credentialing company with CNOR?

I did not have his email address and had no way of getting it.

I reached out through the credentialing company contact portion of the website.

Stating that I was an MSN nurse who needed a third letter of recommendation from a PhD nurse.

He emailed me back the next day and asked for clarification.

I gave him as much clarification as I could.

Today he emailed me and asked for my CV and the dates I had volunteered with the company.

I will email those to him tonight when I get home.

Was it scary?


I am not an outgoing person.

I am very shy.

But I did it.

And now I have a line to the 3rd PhD nurse.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself.



After all, the former Air Force officer that interviewed me in 1992?

It wasn’t until 2009 that I saw him on television, of all things.

3000 miles away from where I had talked with him.

It was Chesley Sullenberger and he had just saved a lot of people on a flight Charlotte.

You may have heard of it.

The Miracle on the Hudson.

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