Striking-when not to do it

Every time we went to visit Dad in the hospital we had to pass striking workers.

Every time.

And every hour on the hour they would strike up horns, and drums, and fake sirens.

The rest of the time they would shout.


This is a hospital.

There are very very very sick people here.

People who do not need to hear that kind of commotion every hour.

Is organized labor a good thing?


Everyone who ever enjoyed a weekend needs to thank a union.

Have I ever been willing to cross a picket line?

Also, yes.

Is is important that people get to exercise their union rights?


But, my dudes, perhaps this isn’t the time or the circumstances.

Chanting, drums, and sirens, oh my.

We are in a pandemic.

Spreading droplets by yelling does not do anyone any good.

Keeping patients awake inside the hospital might even be detrimental.

And having to cross the picket line every time I want to see my dad in the ICU is disheartening.

Having to wait outside because only 1 family member is allowed in at a time and listening to the noise and the sirens and the yelling.

Kind of made me not want to be on your side.

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