5 million plus dead from the covid-19 pandemic.

World wide.

Personally, I think is a huge undercount.

Cases are rising in Britain due to the new variant, the delta plus.

Very glad my husband talked me out of going in December.

The airline credit will just have to wait.

Cases are rising in Russia, not that the medical community knows much.

Vaccinations are increasing, although I heard that much of it was due to boosters being given.

Hopefully, vaccinations for the 5-12 set will have full CDC approval tomorrow.

Many families are waiting on that.

We have workers re-siding the house right this second.

All the hammers.

The banging.

They are not wearing masks up on the ladders.

And neither would I expect them to.

However, the foremen who want to talk to us?

Absolutely should be wearing masks.

It drives my husband crazy.

Mask mandate is still active where I live.

The test positivity rate has not dropped below that threshold.

Yes, cases may be down where you live.

This does not give you permission to be stupid,

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