PhD Maybe? part a?

One of my goals for dispatches from the evening shift was the apply for a PhD in nursing program.

I applied to a state university back in September.

That was a very long time ago.

I am trying to grow as a person and not put all my eggs in one basket.

I’ve done that before.

I applied to only Creighton as a high schooler.

It was the only college I applied to.

I decided, 14 years later, to go back for my BSN.

I only applied to Chamberlain.

When I decided to get my MSN?

You guessed it.

I only applied and was accepted to one college.

I’m trying not to be that person anymore.

Therefore I am applying to THREE (3) universities who have a PhD in nursing.

As I am investigating the admission processes I am finding that there will need to be 3 references, preferably in healthcare, preferably with PhDs themselves.

I don’t know that I know 3 nurses with their PhDs.

The nurse scientist as my current hospital corporation has her PhD.

She kind of knows me.

I have sent her an email.

The nurse manager on one of the Med-Surg units has her PhD.

I serve on a committee with her.

I have asked her if we can have a conversation or three about maybe choosing her to be the second PhD nurse.

I know OF a few more PhD nurses.

In AORN, at colleges, with the credentialing company that I get the CNOR from.

Should I cast my net wide?

Just like I am doing with the universities?

I think I will mock up an introductory email and just ask.

Making friends as an adult, and networking among other nurses as an introvert is hard.

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