Post-it post-people watching-hospital style

The post-it reads ‘hospitals are great places to watch the human condition…ALL the human conditions’

My sister said this as we were waiting for our sister to come out from visiting our dad in the ICU.

Because it’s a pandemic, no more than 1 visitor allowed at a time.


I expected there to be no more than 1 person at bedside at a time, because ICU has rules.

But we couldn’t wait, not even in the hospital.

No waiting in the ICU waiting room, which also doubled as their code lavender room.

And no seating for non-hospital personnel in the cafeteria.

No matter, my sisters and I decamped to the corner.

To wait.

And to watch the world go by.

But, really, to watch people go by.

Say what you will about San Francisco.

The people watching is on-point.

So many people.

So many different attitudes in a 30 foot radius.

So many people wearing masks.

Thanks for that.

All the human conditions were on display.






And, it being a hospital at change of shift…


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