NOW I’ve done it

Deep breath.





Earlier in the week when HR called me to discuss my counteroffer and I presume to counteroffer the counteroffer, I was not in the headspace to speak to him.

My dad has been in the ICU for a week.

Things had gone south the night before.

He was very understanding and told me to call when I was ready.

The first day I was moving my flight.

The next day was my last full day in San Francisco.

The last day was a travel day.

I called him the day after.

To my utter surprise they did not counter my counteroffer.

I panicked, slightly, and told him I had to speak with my husband, who was at work, about the matter.

My husband called on his lunch break.

I told him they had accepted my counteroffer.

We had previously discussed the counteroffer and the basement that I would accept.

This was above the basement that I would accept.

I wonder if I left money on the table but I do not have the heart for negotiation.

No matter.

I called him back and accepted.

I got the call job!

All of my strum und drang was worth it.

(look it up if you have to)

This is a seismic shift in my entire life.

My brain is still trying to talk me out of it.

I keep telling myself that overtime will be leaving soon as they hire another for the call job if I do not take it.

Which is true.

And he told me that while I was free to take other’s call, including laser, on my days off, I would not be paid extra to do so.

This all of a sudden leaves me with 2 full days off a week.

It has been a LONG time since I had such a luxury.

I will, of course, have to work the 4 week notice that hospital policy demands.

I wonder if this will break my brain.

I have to get busy making lists.

Of what I am going to do with my evenings.

Of what room in the house I will be working on first.

Of what projects that I’ve been neglecting for the last year I will tackle first.

Of alternative income streams I can do.

I can write articles.

I can write fiction.

I could freelance as a copy editor.

I could freelance as a script doctor.

I can engage more with social media and this blog.

I can focus on a PhD program as soon as I pick one.

I could work PRN for the rival healthcare system in town. This will be my scorched earth option.

The possibilities are vast.

And a lot scary.

Deep breath.

Here we go.

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