Supply, supply, supply!!!

Supply chains.

They just aren’t for Christmas presents.

Or for cheap goods from overseas.

The supply chain is also vital to the operating room.

It takes a sheer amount of stuff to run a case.

Let alone an operating room.

Back orders are a way of life in the OR.

And have been for as long as I’ve been a nurse.

We haven’t had a consistent supply of Marcaine with Epinephrine since Hurricane Maria.

0.25% or 0.5%!

Many of the supplies are made in other countries.

And the shipping backlog that is threatening Christmas affects the OR too.

Every day another supply that is short.

Every day the OR rises to the occasion and finds a way around it.

But some things are so unique it is difficult to find a way through.

There is nothing like the look on a doc’s face when you tell them that a previously common item is on backorder.

And that they will have to use a different item.

Materials managers struggle with this constantly.

I know that the pharmacy manager and the procurement manager work very hard to get us the medication that the hospital needs.

I know that the materials workers are doing everything they can to keep us afloat.

So cut them a break.

Did you know that you can add a very tiny amount of epinephrine 1:1000 to marcaine to make marcaine with epi?


We’ve been doing it for years.

You just need a teeny-tiny syringe.

And another nurse to check it with you.

(I strongly suggested that rule)

(We have to check insulin and epinephrine is dangerous)

My running mantra is the ‘only way out is through’.

I never thought this mantra would be applicable to a pandemic.

And assorted problems arising from it.

I only give books, pajamas, and socks for Christmas.

I’m not looking too crazy right now, am I?

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