Cookie Thursday is a Thing 10/14/21- Candy Corn Cookies

Did you know that when you put candy corn in cookies they melt and t?urn caramelly

They do!

Baking tip of the month.

I wonder if it also happens in scones.

Must investigate.

Spooky Cookie month continues.

Yesterday I told the hospital wide meeting I was in that I was interested in the call shift being bandied about in the OR.

And if that happened, I would be opening up Cookie Thursday to a different unit in the hospital for one week a month.

Because we all need a morale booster.

I also decided to do a spooky hospital story a week during Spooky Cookie month.

This one is at the hospital that I am currently working.

It really isn’t old enough to have spooky stories as it has only been open for 16 years and when this happened it had only been open for 6 years but it was spooky enough at the time.

This was when I was not the evening charge nurse.

I had an evening charge nurse and he was off for the evening.

The tech and I were pulling instruments and setting up rooms when I got a call from the OB suite.

The OB suite was where they did c-sections and was 2 floors away.

They were doing a section and were in dire need of a large deaver retractor.

And the baby’s heart rate was dropping so they needed it stat!

I said I would send them one.

I pulled one off the shelf and went to the tube system but it was much too big to send in the tube.

I grabbed the portable phone and took off for the elevator.

To find it waiting for me, the door open.

I looked around and no one was in sight.

Bear in mind this was 2224.

I nipped into the elevator and went to the OB floor.

I dashed off the elevator and handed off the deaver.

Only to be told that they needed a different retractor, not the deaver they had asked for.

I left the section suite and the elevator door was open again.

This is not getting eerie.

No, not at all.

I went back to the main OR, ran inside and grabbed the newly requested instrument.

Too big to fit in the tube.

I dashed back out to the elevator.

The door was open again.

These are very busy elevators.

You have to wait nearly every time.

I brought the new instrument to OB and handed it off.

I ascertained that nothing else was needed, as it was nearly the end of shift, and was waved off.

I returned to the elevator,

The door was not open this time and returned to the OR to finish tucking it in for the night.

I have been asked to come to the section suite on multiple occasions.

Never again have the doors been open for me.

At least not when I had to go to OB.

To the ICU?

That’s another spooky story.

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