A seldom used or talked about OR skill- imagination

Imagination is not something people think about when they think about the OR.

After all, the OR is black and white,

A case or not a case.

A patient or not a patient.

I propose that imagination is very much needed in the OR.

The OR nurse needs to be able to look at a situation not as it is.

But as it could be.

The surgeon dropped the instrument that he needs to finish the case.

The answer is not to flash the instrument, but to think about alternatives for the instrument.

Because rarely is there a truly single job performer in the instrumentation world.

The OR is out of supply A.

Supply B is almost the same.

Could it work?

The suture that has been requested is on backorder, will this other suture suffice?

This is something that is coming up more and more as the supply chain is squeezed, but that will be another post.

OR 2 is in need of the specialized equipment that is in use in OR 9, what else can be used?

Or, if it truly is that specialized, how can the cases be moved around to accommodate the need?

The previous robot case is running so very late, can the next case be done laparoscopically? In order to be respectful of the surgeon’s time and the patient’s wishes.

There are only 2 scrub techs for 1700 but the rooms need 3 and there are 4 nurses can one of the nurses work in the scrub role?

This scenario depends upon the ability of one of the 4 nurses’ willingness and ability to perform in the scrub role.

Many things have to be balanced, but imagination does play a role in the OR.

To function completely as an OR nurse you have to have enough imagination to see the possibilities.

And the ability to weed through the possibilities and choose the one that will work for the particular pickle you find yourself in.

While keeping the patient safe.

And the surgeon somewhat happy (not my personal end-goal for the shift but you do you).

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