To sleep, perchance to dream… more than 3 hours

This past weekend was rough.


Middle of the night cases Saturday and Sunday.

Hard cases.

And I was only able to sleep in 3 hour segments.

It has happened before.

If I work too many call cases at night.

If I stay up too late doing something fun.

And I finally get a chance to sleep more than 3 hours.

My brain will go off at about the 3 hour mark.

Last night, earlier tonight.

I was awakened after 3 hours by my husband to tell me my text alert was going off.

It was “amanda from an email address and she is home alone… wink, nudge…”



And now my brain is going off.

Telling me that I have a meeting in two hours.

Telling me that maybe I should be getting up.

Telling me that I still needed to get the trash together, before my meeting.

Because it is trash day.

Informing me that I am too hot in the covers.

And now I am too hot in the sheet.

And now I am too hot in the sheet with a leg out.

And now I am too cold in the sheet with a leg out.

And now I am too cold in the sheet completely covered.

And now I am just right in the sheet and the cover.

Until my husband rolls over.

Or takes a too deep breath.

And did I really finish my grad school application?

And don’t you know the trash has to go out.

And, look!

It is now 1 hour and 50 minutes until the morning meeting.

Just get out of bed already.

You can sleep on the couch later.

After the meeting you don’t have ANYTHING for nearly 8 hours.

Go on, get up.

You know you want to.

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