Post-it 10/10/21- 3 bears and a penis

The post-it reads ‘It’s too hard. It’s too soft. It’s just right. 3 bears and a penis.’

When a urologist said the goal of every man is to work on their penis if they either of the first two problem, this struck me as funny.

If is is too hard, and has been for too long, it needs intervention.

If it is too soft, and has been for what is perceived by the man to be too long, it needs intervention.

If it is just right that is the sweet spot, pun intended.

Yesterday’s post was a stark reminder of the cost of this pandemic.

I wanted to go a lot lighter today.

And the first post-it I pulled out was this one.

It made me giggle.

At the time I was collecting OR fairy tales or OR fables for a different project.

I still am.

This one will be fleshed out (pun still intended) and added to the list.

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