Covid and Pregnancy. It’s not good.

Spoiler alert, I have no children.

My siblings have 14 among them.

I have 4 great nephews and 3 great nieces.

I was a nanny while in college.

I have also participated in the birth of many, many babies.

At my first hospital, the OR staffed the OB c-section suite.

And then, like now I took a tremendous amount of call.

Any time, any day, any shift there were babies.

And, since I lived across the street from the hospital and they knew it, I was called when the mom or baby was in trouble and the baby had to be born stat.

Last week I got an covid update email from my hospital system that reminded everyone that the CDC recommends that all pregnant people should get the covid vaccination.

No matter how little or how much they are pregnant.

It is a matter of life and death.

The mother.

The baby.

I had read of very premature births happening with pregnant people all over the world.

This is not a good trend.

A quick Google of covid complications and pregnancy brings up a thumbnail that the pregnant people who are infected with covid have an increased risk of pre-term labor and other poor pregnancy outcomes.

Poor pregnancy outcomes.

It bears repeating.

It is scary, I get it.

And heart-breaking.

And frightening.

But so is coming home from the hospital without the baby.

Because the baby is still in intensive care or worse.

Or the mother is still in intensive care or worse.

My friends and I have been talking about this.

In our respective hospitals there have been several fetal demises.

They run the gamut of miscarriages at any time before 20 weeks and all the way up to near term.

It is heart-breaking.

And my heart hurts for all those babies and mothers.

Please get vaccinated.

It hasn’t been just about you this entire time.

I am certain that someone is keeping track but not wishing to alarm the public.

Perhaps it is time to alarm the public.

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