Remember vacations?

In the way back machine that is Facebook memories, there were several posts about the vacation we took 8 years ago to Disney World.

I remember vacations.

I am good on vacation for about 5 days.

My husband loves going places.

For about 3 days.

And then he wants his own bed.

But these posts show that you can take the nurse out of the OR but you can’t make her less sarcastic.

Or knowledgeable about vacation hazards.

These are 13 posts that I did in one 3 hour swoop about the thoughts I had driving down there and being at the theme parks.

  1. Almost everyone who knows me understands that I am a bit of an introvert. I’m a personable person but not necessarily a people person, especially large amounts of people person. So for the next several hours there will be a steam of thoughts about the last seven days
  2. Husband’s biggest problem down here. People who stop in the middle of the thoroughfare for whatever reason. Drives him nuts..
  3. The lazy river just off our balcony? I floated that and I only went around five times because I was just waiting for the kid in front of me, or the one behind me to do something stupid and need medical assistance.
  4. Of course your feet hurt. You wore dollar store flip flops to a theme park.
  5. Yes, you are going to hurt later. Although it is October, it is also Florida and the sun is strong. That sunburn? Will blister. Sunscreen, not just a suggestion.
  6. And don’t get me started on the whole baking in the sun thing, covered in oil. Yeah, I saw you pretend to put on sunscreen but in reality used baby oil. Melanoma much?
  7. The flu shot you neglected to get? Yeah, welcome to Influenza Alley. You will be surrounded by people who are sneezing and coughing and to whom personal hygiene is just a suggestion.
  8. From husband, older women in scary revealing clothing and their young daughters who could be dressed like adorable Disney princesses like 90% of the little girls. But no, the girls are rocking the slutty princess look.
  9. Every state of undress except naked.
  10. Screaming babies who will never, ever remember this trip except in pictures that yeah, you cut off Mom’s head in. Screaming because it’s hot, damned hot and you are bottle feeding them in direct sunlight, my God, they are less than a month old and you have them in direct sunlight. You moron.
  11. When while walking to the entrance, you watch a man drop a water bottle and a kid from behinds runs past you and picks it up for the oblivious man. Who thanks him.
  12. Yes, your kids’ voices are that piercing. Dogs in the next county are crying.
  13. Yes, those pink pajamas make your ass look flat.

I presume that all of these vacations hazards still ring true.

Take the second one about the people who stop in the middle of thoroughfare and substitute wearing masks and that is still painfully accurate.

There were always be screaming kids, there will always be people dressed in inappropriate clothing.

I will always be on the look out for hazards and people who are in trouble.

Maybe someday we will get to take our fully paid for trip to London, England.

Here’s hoping the case volume continue to drop.

And vaccination efforts continue.

And the vaccine is approved for ages 5-11.

Here’s hoping.

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