Bright ideas, off the hook

Do you know what happens when you get a group of nurses together?

They come up with bright ideas.

Ideas about all sorts of things.

Things that need to be fixed.

And how to fix them.

Things that need to be retired.

And how to replace them.

Things that cheer others up.

And how to do them.

There is something relaxing and freeing when you get a group a nurses together and give them time to talk while they are waiting for the the speaker who is running late.

It’s like talking to my mom.

But multiplied by 20 other nurses.

Today I shared my crochet group of nurses during such a discussion.

The Random Acts of Crochet Kindness that is on Facebook.

This is a British group that advocates creating little makes to make people smile.

Sometimes they are butterflies, or flowers, or little angels, or even post box toppers.

But the ones that I am going to start with are the worry worms.

The idea is that you take these little makes.

Bag them and add a little note that says ‘I am not lost, if I made you smile, take me home’.

Or words to that effect.

Apparently there are tons of You Tube videos that show you how to make them, step by step.

I haven’t crocheted in about 5 years.

It is time to get my hooks out of retirement.

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