Booster shots

By some frankly weird coincidence it has been 9 months yesterday since I was considered fully vaccinated. (Edited because math)

My first shot was in December.

My second shot was January 12.

The date I was considered fully vaccinated was January 26.

I received the Pfizer vaccines.

And the CDC recommends booster shots after 6 months.

There is a lot of data behind the timing, and the idea of booster shots.

The CDC also recommended booster shots for those over 65, those medically fragile, and those who work in healthcare.

I work in healthcare.

I have been fully vaccinated for 8 months.

Greater than the 6 months talked about.

I work in a hospital.

One that has covid patients.

One that has never been covid free.

We’ve had covid patients since the testing began last year.

The lowest the hospital’s patient volume went was 3.

I work in the evenings.

None of my ED patients, the ones who are unvaccinated, are tested.

There simply isn’t the time for the PCR test because they need surgery in a timely manner.

However, on the flip side, I am young and healthy.

Well, young-ish.

I believe in vaccination.

I believe it is the only way we are getting through this.

I believe that the goal numbers for herd immunity keep changing and rising the longer this plays out.

I may be denied when I schedule my booster shot, although I am a nurse and work in a hospital that has patients, and may have asymptomatic patients who need surgery.

Because of my age and my general good health.

Let’s find out.

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