Cookie Thursday is a Thing 9/30/2021- fizzy lifting drink marshmallow cookies

Literary month concludes with a recipe inspired by Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The fizzy lifting drink that Grandpa Joe and Charlie surreptitiously drink and nearly die in the ceiling rotators?

Turns out there is not a lot of consensus about what the drink tastes like.

Or how to turn it in to a cookie.

I used miniature marshmallows in a standard cookie batter.

Tragically I was out of/couldn’t find my vanilla.

I used watermelon flavoring instead.

It added a certain sweetness, which, when coupled with the marshmallows, made the cookies light.

Almost lifting worthy.

The very first experimental cookie I ever made was to add miniature marshmallows to a cookie recipe.

I was in middle school.

It is awesome.

They turn all caramel-ly and chewy and disappeared because they melted.

But it is the substitution of the watermelon flavoring for vanilla flavoring that is my take-home lesson for today.

In baking, such as in the OR, sometimes substitutions need to be made.

The tray #1 is needed for a case and there are no more tray #1s on the rack.

A nurse with an imagination and a nimble mind would know that tray #8 is just a tray #1 with additional retractors.

Give the doc a tray #8 and keep mum about the substitution.

And they would never know.

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