Grant application…

With my happy birthday dispatches post I set out goals for the year.

One of the big ones was applying for a grant.

AORN and Sigma have a grant application process specific for the OR.

I chose that one to get my feet wet in.

I read over the application form and thought about how to apply, how to get the information that they would need, how to get the paperwork in before the deadline of August 31, 2021 midnight.

You see, I had an opportunity to apply for a grant from AORN eChapter in July and I missed the deadline.

I was determined not to miss this one.

I gathered up all my information, put it in PDF form and sent it in.

I am not asking for much; just $400.

Enough to buy 2 more hand held metal detectors.

This project has had some massive delays.


The ORAs, who will be involved, all quitting.

More Covid.

I finally feel like our ORA situation is stable.

In the timeline I had to fill out for the grant, I put education about the metal detecting to begin in September, with roll out in October.

The reviewers may feel this is a bit rushed.

And I may not get an answer before the end of the year.

That’s okay.

They don’t realize that this project has been on the back burner for nearly a year.

And other members of the research council keep asking me about outcomes.

I feel foolish that I don’t have an answer.

And that they have to stay tuned.

I really want this project to actually start.

Then I can turn my attention to the other items on the list.

I have to decide what to do next:

  1. explore publication with AORN or another nursing journal
  2. apply to PhD school, after I finish researching which ones I am interested in

Daylight’s burning on this year.

Have to get started.

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