Another week, another variant

No sooner had I clocked in today when I was stopped by a good ACU friend.

She asked, “Have you heard? About the new variant? We’re never getting to go back to normal.”

How do you reassure someone who is working so hard to keep people safe?

One of my favorite surgeons stopped by the desk to thank me for getting his case going so fast.

He also asked me about the new variant.

He said he and his wife had not been out to eat since January.

Of 2019.

They had gone out for an early Valentine’s Day dinner.

He and I spoke about the new variant.

And the New England Medical journal and the 800,000+ person study that had been done and reported on recently.

And we spoke of hope for the vaccine for children 5-12.

His child is more than 5, less than 12.

He and his wife are hopeful the vaccine for children will be released within 8 weeks.


We smiled grimly at each other through our masks, our eyes hiding the same pain.


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