Post-it note 8/29/21

What the post-it says, ‘day shift says can’t stay late.’


I didn’t ask you.

And you have three hours left on your shift.

Do I expect you to work your entire shift?


Nothing irritates me more that someone stopping the conversation I wasn’t even having with them.

I don’t want you to stay late.

That means I am not doing my job well.

That means I have not judged the board well enough to allow later cases to start on time, rather than pushing them out so that the OR can be down to the requisite 3 rooms at 1700.

Or 1 room at 1900.

Of course, since I am no longer making those decision until after 1700 due to the asinine new rule that the days shift charge makes ALL the assignments, talk to them.

Yes, I’m still a little salty over the entire situation.

Don’t worry, I will still be blamed for running rooms late.

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