I got your research right here

As I have been looking at different doctoral tracks I have been thinking of how best to use the resulting degree.

A DNP would be useful if I had any desire to be a nurse practitioner.

Which I don’t.

There is a DNP on a leadership track.

Also, no go.

I have turned down opportunities to advance.

I have turned them all down.

A PhD in nursing is about research.

I love research.

I love seeing if the changes made have had any impact and what that impact is.

Call it straight research.

Or quality improvement project.

I love them all.

When the organization started talking about hiring a salaried night time call staff it got me to thinking.

  1. can I do that job-there’s an entire decision tree I am working on with that one
  2. what kind of impact would that have on the regular staff whose call is now limited (I can’t be the only call dog out there, can I?)
  3. what kind of impact would that have on the staff who chose to take that role

I want to find out.

I reached out to our nurse scientist to ascertain if anyone was doing such a study.

She said no.

And gave me the green light.

Tomorrow I will look at all that entails.

I also have to think about making this a mixed method study.

With a qualitative and a quantitative arm.

I’ve never qualitative.

To the library.

Online of course as the biggest organization library is 65+ miles away.

But I have access online.

I have research to do.

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