Evenings is Magic

Evenings IS magic.

Or, it has the potential to be so.

It all depends on how the stars align.

And which surgeons are on call.

And it takes a lot of mental energy.

Because I firmly believe that the OR can make certain things go well.

If you will it hard enough.

This is a skill that is hard to learn.

The day charge calls it my zen.

Not quite.

It is me exerting my energy and my stamina against the world.

If I believe that two rooms will be done by 1700, I have to believe it hard.

It is a little bit of faith, and a lot of experience.

And the ability to read the board.

And experience to know the most likely outcome of a case.

And how long it will take.

I’ve done this for 7 years as the evening charge nurse.

I’ve been a nurse for 20 years.

It doesn’t always work.

But when it works, it is magical.

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