Cookie Thursday 8/26/21- oatmeal no bakes

Last week of No Heat August and I’ve not turned my oven on once this month.

It is hot here in the South.

And humid.

This cookie is one of the most requested cookie and easily the most nostalgic.

The fudgey cocoa no bake cookie.

Several of my department have declared to be their all time best, after the jalapeno chocolate chip cookie.

For me it invokes Summertime as a child.

It is a cookie that is frequently used or adapted for Cookie Thursday.

The first adaption, not used today, is to replace 1 cup of oatmeal with 1 cup of unsweetened coconut.

And its taste is evocative of an Almond Joy.

For this Thursday I wanted to do a throw-back.

And they also come very quickly together and take less than 15 minutes, excluding drying time.

And I have hit a rough call patch and I wanted to take a nap instead of baking for 3 hours.

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