I get it, we’re all tired

Look, I get it.

We’re all tired.

Of the pandemic.

Of the variants that arise what seems like every other week.

Of the relentless news.

Of the masks.

Of the signs in grocery stores asking you to mask up.

Of the doom.

Of the gloom.

Of the 30% covid positive in the hospital.

Of the way there are no beds available.

Ever it feels like.

Of the 20+ inpatient holds in the ER.

Of the people living it up where the vaccination rate is higher,

Of the relentless bad news on the vaccine uptake front.

Of the lies.

Of the willful ignorance of some healthcare workers who will not, cannot, I ain’t gonna take the shot.

Of it all.

I get it.

We are all so very tired.

But this is not the time to let down our guard.

Children are getting sick because of the no-mask mandate rules in their states.

Children are dying.

Children not even born are dying inside their mothers, who have also died of covid.

This summer definitely feels like a step back toward last summer.

But that is no reason to engage in thoughtless behavior.

If I want to put up hearts that denote the vaccinated patients on the board, I will continue to do so.

Because other people remark on them.

Other people know how very far we have come.

Other people know how very far we have left to travel.

We have to stay the course not just for ourselves.

We have to stay the course for others who are ignorant, or afraid, or belligerent in the face of science.

We have to stay the course for them.

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