Discussion part 3

You’re a great charge nurse.


We all knew that was coming.


I had the conversation with my boss about expectations.

I reiterated that there had not been a problem before they made the stupid rule in December that the day charge should be in charge until he left.

Which changed every day.

I was able to express how I now felt like a second class charge nurse.

An afterthought.

A second class charge nurse.

Someone with no authority or power.

And I think I deserve more after serving 7 years in the trenches.

5 days a week, 8 hours a day.

All she could say was they were searching for consistency.

What else am I except consistent?

After all, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Even through this past 18 months.

And I reminded her again, that the OR had had it before their own asinine rule.

All she could say was they were searching for consistency.


Not getting through to her.

Derailing the entire this is what you are doing now, regardless of what you have been doing for years with no detriment to the department, I told her I was interested in the call nurse position.

Depending I could continue my committee work, outside of the salary hours.

This may be sticking point but she said it was going to be structured so the nurse could work extra for straight hourly pay, outside of the stated shift.

There are decisions to be made.

I would have to get the parameters in writing.

AND she told me I had a bad attitude when I get to work.

I cannot stress how boring I am.

I have nothing to report.

I am not there to be anyone’s friend.

I point problems out when I see them.

And I will not downgrade my memory and attention to detail to make anyone feel better.

I want a little fairness.

After all I bend over backwards to be fair to other people.

I agreed to try to be nice and more welcoming.

And that I was not responsible for my resting bitch face.

And that I was well aware that I need to complain more.

Because my day shift counterpart does.


So constantly.

Be positive?


The call shift would depend on how much they offer.

Something to think about.

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