The discussion part 2

To my surprise I was not ambushed as soon as I set foot in the department yesterday.

I would have put money down.

However, the assistant manager had a drive by discussion with me.

I was working on the computer.

She came up to the desk.

And told me that the big pow wow was not going to be happening.

Instead she and the manager were drawing up rules and roles for each of the three charge nurses.

That would be agreed on between the two of them.

And then given to us.

I looked at her and said, “You know what you have created here is chaos, right?

“And that is not good for the department.

“What should really happen is that I take over charge at 1500, as I have done for the past 7 years.”

She looked really uncomfortable and chided me for not sticking to the plan.

What plan?

I have heard of no plan.

I have heard all my coworkers, nurses and techs alike, who come to me and complain about the situation.

I have heard all the surgeons who come to me and complain about the situation.

As far as I can tell there is no plan.

Whatever happens they brought it upon themselves.

And then she dropped the bomb I knew was coming about the call shift.

I wonder what would happen if I applied for it?

And they would have to backfill my current position.

I probably wouldn’t get it.

Because reasons.

Last night I did not sleep well.

The conversations were running rampant in my head.

I woke up at 0315.

After going to sleep at 0015 was quite the feat.

And thought some more.

I got up at 0500 and wrote out a 4 page open letter to management.

Will it change anything?

No, only my leaving will do that.

But I have commitments to the hospital until the end of the year.

My husband said to see how much they are offering for the call shift position.

As I understand, it is 50 hours of call, for 40 hours of work, salary.

No overtime.

I love overtime.

No further meetings that I would get paid for.

However, I would keep call.

And I love call.

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